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Research Proposal
Speech understanding
Inferior colliculus lesions
Brainstem aphasia?

fMRI of the inferior colliculi
Testing strategies
Anticipated results

Working hypotheses
Language areas on fMRI
Effects of asphyxia at birth
Maturation of the brain
Time-table of myelination
Learning to speak "by ear"
Metabolism in the brain
Protective mechanisms
Catastrophic factors
Brainstem damage
From Myers RE (1972) Am J Ob Gyn 112:246
In experiments with newborn monkeys
(an attempt to produce an animal
model of cerebral palsy)
, damage to
the inferior colliculi was found in
animals subjected to asphyxia for 8 to
10 minutes (above)
[38, 39].
Damage of the inferior colliculi in
human infants has also been observed
(bottom right)
From Leech & Alvord (1977)
Archives of Neurology 34:109
October 2006
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