Kanner's descriptions of language disorder in autism

Speech understanding
Subjects & tests
Predicted results
Hypotheses & rationale

Auditory agnosia
Asphyxia at birth
Human infants
Functional MRI
Fetal alcohol syndrome
fMRI of language processing
Trophic transmitters
Longterm outcome
Myelin maturation
Learning to speak
Kanner autism
Metabolism in the brain
Vasodilation response
The Bohr effect
Circulatory arrest
Brainstem damage
Thiamine deficiency
Autism & prenatal alcohol
Autism & valproic acid
Autism & infections
Autism & PKU
Autism & genetic disorders
Autism & medical disorders
Autism & perinatal problems
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Sites of highest blood flow and metabolism in the brain
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Vasodilation in adverse conditions to maintain optimum blood flow
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Research Proposal
54.        Kelly PA, Ritchie IM, McBean DE, Sharkey J, Olverman HJ (1995)
Enhanced cerebrovascular responsiveness to hypercapnia following
depletion of central serotonergic terminals. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow
and Metabolism 15:706-713.